Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

I often find songs on YouTube that I can't obtain elsewhere, especially obscure remixes of popular songs. While it is possible to listen to them directly on YouTube this gets tiresome quickly since you can't add the songs into a GrooveShark or iTunes playlist or play them on your iPod.
I've used several services online that will convert a YouTube video to MP3 format and allow you to download it. These services are covered in banner ads, encode MP3s in low quality and frequently don't work at all.
While browsing, I discovered a free program called "YouTube to MP3", it's completely free and allows you to extract only the audio from a YouTube video. This program allows you to select the bitrate, and format. You select the YouTube video you want to download by either clicking the paste from clipboard button or manually typing the URL in. Another nice feature this program has is downloading several songs at the same time.

The program runs on Mac and Windows and can be downloaded from here:


  1. You could also just use a Youtube downloader (there are tons of them nowadays) and then convert the .avi to .mp3 (which is really just stripping the audio trick from the video file).

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